How Can I get Crypto to Appear in MetaTrader 4?

Trading Cryptocurrencies on MT4 Platform

At LongHornFX we pride ourselves on offering traders a wide variety of tradable assets including Cryptocurrencies.

Digital assets are gaining more popularity by the day as the future of finance looks to shift towards a digital infrastructure.

This has created a feeding frenzy for more and more people purchasing and holding digital assets. With increased popularity comes increased liquidity which makes Cryptocurrencies an exciting CFD trade!

Enjoy up to 1:100 leverage on top Crypto pairs including BTC/USD, ETH/USD, DASH/USD and much more.

To get Cryptocurrencies to appear in MT4

1 Right-click anywhere on the ‘Market Watch’

2 Click ‘Symbols’

3 Click ‘Cryptos’

4 Then you will see all available Crypto pairs

5 Select ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ to add and remove from your Market Watch