MT4 Account Desktop

How To Use MT4 Desktop App

In order to login, Click on File and then Login to Trade Account, choose the correct server (live or Demo), and Input your login info plus password.

On the left hand side, you can see the Market Watch, showing the most common pairs. To see all the pairs available, Click the rmb and choose show all.

To bring up your preferred chart, right click and choose Open chart window to bring up the charts (or you can easily drag and drop)

Upon opening the chart, you will have a market reading consisting of Candlesticks, with the most common colours being green for bullish and red for bearish movements.

You can apply strategies using the different indicators available by clicking on Insert, Indicators, and then choose an indicator that suits you.

To open up a trade, you can use the 1 click trading feature at the top left of the chart or by right clicking the chart, clicking on “Trading” and choose “New order”.

From here you can set your purchase price, set a stop loss to prevent losses and a take profit to affirm profits from the same screen.

Upon opening the trade, you will see this listed in your Trade tab. When you’re happy to close you can click the small X button or Right click and close Order.