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Video Tutorials

Follow our step-by-step video guides to help you get started.

Technical Analysis

Identify your next trading opportunity with our detailed daily Technical Analysis. Make more informed trading decisions with access to price trends and breakouts, maximising your returns and profit opportunities.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Learn how transactions work with LonghornFX, from depositing to withdrawing.

Third Party Bitcoin Deposits

Click ‘Deposit Funds’ under ‘TRANSACTIONS’ on the Dashboard Click ‘Bitcoin via Instacoins’ as your chosen deposit method  Under ‘Select a Wallet’ choose which currency you

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Credit and Debit Cards Deposits

LonghornFX is proud to offer traders flexibility in their deposit options by facilitating deposits via Credit/Debit card.  Getting started! Click ‘Deposit Funds’ under ‘TRANSACTIONS’ on

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Sharpen your knowledge with educational articles, designed for beginners and professionals.

Spread – Bid/Ask Price

How to Calculate Forex Spread In CFD Trading, the spread is the difference between the ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ price of an asset.  In the Forex

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Measuring Trades in Lots

Understanding Lots in CFD Trading When trading CFDs, position sizes are based on ‘lots’. A ‘lot’ is the standard number of units of the underlying

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Breaking Down Bitcoin

BITs and Satoshi: What’s the Difference? BITs and Satoshi are two denominations of the popular Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Just as fiat currencies are broken down

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PIP – Percentage In Point

PIP Definition and Examples A Percentage in Point, usually called a ‘PIP’ in trading, represents the price movement in a currency exchange rate. A PIP

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With swift withdrawals, 24/7 customer support, narrow spreads and low commissions, LonghornFX is the natural choice.