In this post, we are excited to unveil an easy-to-implement trend trading strategy that will seamlessly fit into your trading toolkit. With minimal room for interpretation, this approach offers clear-cut guidance for tackling any trading scenario. Get ready to level up your game!

As you may tell from the title, this strategy is based on the principles of legendary trader and inventor Bill Williams. For this effective trading method, we use a combination of Williams’ indicators to achieve accurate trend detection and timing of our entries.

The main indicator for this swing trading system is the famed Alligator. It is made of three lines that hover near the candlestick price bars that look much like moving averages. Indeed, those lines are a special calculation of standard moving averages.

The other two indicators we use are Williams Awesome and Accelerator oscillators. These are plotted at the bottom of the chart. Not only do they look similar, but they, in fact, have the same foundation. With this strategy, we use those two oscillator indicators to confirm our entry signals and give us early indications of when we should exit a trade. Some trade examples are shown in the chart below:

Awesome Alligator S&P

    3. The Alligator shows us the trend in the market. When the price trades above all three lines, the trend is bullish. Conversely, the trend is bearish when the market is below the Alligator indicator. The alignment of the lines is important too. All three should be aligned to indicate that a healthy trend exists. This is the first condition for a trade.

    6. Once we have the Alligator nicely aligned in a trending mode, we look for the price to retrace toward the long-term line of the Alligator (turquoise on the chart). Then look for a bounce (during bull trends) or rejection (during bear trends) near the lines.

    9. When the price is near the turquoise of the Alligator, we use the Awesome and Accelerator oscillators to give the entry signal. In a bull trend, the Awesome oscillator should print a green bar. The Accelerator oscillator gives earlier signals. It will tend to print green bars before the Awesome oscillator does. In most cases, it’s best to have both oscillators print a green bar. This is the optimal signal for an entry.

    12. The stop loss is placed behind the Alligator’s turquoise line.

    15. We exit the trade when the Awesome oscillator reverses its color (if it turns red during uptrends or green during downtrends).

Remember, practice makes perfect, so make sure to apply it in your trading and adapt it to your own style.

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