In the ever-evolving world of trading, having a reliable strategy can make all the difference between success and failure. Imagine having a strategy that combines the wisdom of two powerful tools, confidently guiding you towards profitable trades. Enter the world of the Double Relative Vigor Index (RVI) strategy – a game-changer for traders seeking an edge in dynamic markets.

In this article, we will embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of this strategy, empowering you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities like never before. By utilizing two RVI indicators with different time periods, this strategy aims to identify trends and generate accurate trigger signals for profitable trades.

The Double RVI Strategy:

The Double RVI strategy combines the power of two RVI indicators: a longer-term period (55) and a shorter-term period (10). The longer-term RVI helps determine the overall trend, while the shorter-term RVI acts as a trigger signal for trade entries.

The first step in this strategy is to assess the longer-term trend using the 55 RVI. We watch for crossovers of the RVI lines and the 0 level (as seen on the chart). A bullish crossover alone on this longer-term (55) RVI is not enough to verify the trend as bullish or bearish. By considering the RVI’s position relative to the 0 level, we can distinguish between true trend reversals and mere corrections within the prevailing trend.

So, a trend is considered bullish when the 55-period RVI has made a bullish crossover and is above the 0 line. Conversely, the trend is bearish when the RVI lines have bearishly crossed over, and the RVI value is below the 0 line.

Utilizing the Shorter-Term RVI as a Trigger Indicator

Once the longer-term trend is established, the 10 RVI comes into play as a trigger signal. Focus solely on crossovers of the 10 RVI. There is no need to watch the 0 line or wait for the fast (10-period) RVI to cross it.

Only trades that align with the direction of the longer-term trend are executed, which should help to maximize the probability of success. As noted above, we identify the longer-term trend with the 55-period RVI with the rules as described.

Wrap Up


  • 55-period Relative Vigor Index (RVI) for longer-term trend identification (colored light green and yellow)
  • 10-period RVI for shorter-term trigger signals (colored dark green and red)


  • 4H and lower


Determine the longer-term trend using the 55 RVI:

  • Watch for crossovers of the RVI lines.
  • Verify that the RVI is above the 0 level.
  • Consider the trend bullish if both conditions are met.
  • If a bearish crossover occurs, but the RVI value stays above 0, consider it a correction within the bullish trend.

Use the shorter-term 10 RVI as a trigger signal:

  • Watch for crossovers of the 10 RVI.
  • Only take trades in the direction of the longer-term trend identified by the 55 RVI.
  • Consider the 10 RVI crossover in the same direction as the 55 RVI as a valid trigger for a trade.

The Double RVI strategy presents traders with a powerful approach to identifying trends and generating precise trigger signals. By combining two RVI indicators with different time periods, traders can better understand market dynamics.


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