Daily Price Outlook

  • Litecoin exhibits strength by breaking through the 50-day moving average and surpassing psychological resistance at $85.
  • Technical indicators, including RSI and MACD, support a bullish trend continuation.
  • Excitement grows as Litecoin sets its sights on conquering the $92 mark, with potential targets of $96 and $100.

Litecoin has displayed remarkable strength in its recent performance. Breaking through the 50-day exponential moving average at $84.45, it showcased its prowess by surpassing the psychological resistance level at $85. The focus now shifts to its next target, aiming to conquer the $92 mark.

The daily timeframe paints an encouraging picture with the formation of three white soldiers’ candlesticks and a robust engulfing bullish candlestick pattern, indicating the confidence of the bullish sentiment.

The technical indicators further support this positive outlook. The relative strength index (RSI) remains comfortably within the buying zone, maintaining a value of 57.

Additionally, the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) exhibits histograms above zero, indicating a value of 0.88. These indicators collectively suggest the continuation of the bullish trend.

Excitement mounts as Litecoin aims to reach new heights. Breaking through the $92 level would mark a significant milestone, paving the way for potential targets of $96 and $100. The anticipation is palpable as Litecoin enthusiasts eagerly await these milestones.

However, it is crucial to remain mindful of potential obstacles along Litecoin’s journey. Should the price stumble and fall below $85, support levels become vital anchors. Keep an eye on the resilient $76 and the steadfast $72, as they act as safety nets to support Litecoin’s upward trajectory.

Therefore, it is advisable to closely monitor the $92 level, as it will play a pivotal role in determining whether Litecoin continues its impressive ascent or takes a brief pause for a corrective phase. Brace yourself for the captivating developments that lie ahead in the dynamic world of Litecoin.

LTC/USD Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

LTC/USD – Trade Idea

Entry Price –Buy Limit 83.46

Take Profit – 89.89

Stop Loss – 79.82

Risk to Reward – 1: 1.7

Profit & Loss Per Standard Lot = +$64/ -$36



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