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BTC/USD Analysis – July 12, 2021

By LonghornFX Technical Analysis
Jul 12, 20213 min

Symmetrical Triangle Intact

On Monday, the BTC/USD is trading with a bullish bias at 34,500 range as the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of China stated that Bitcoin and stable coins were speculative tools with potential risks threatening financial security and social stability. He also stated that bitcoin and stable coins were also being used for money laundering and illegal economic activities.

According to the Deputy Director, Fen Yufei, the stable coins could potentially bring risks and challenges to the international monetary system. He acknowledged that the bank was worried about this fact and was taking some measures against it. Yufei said that the central bank was continually studying and observing the private digital currencies; however, at the same time, it was also vigorously promoting and improving its own central bank digital currency, Renminbi.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials have said that they will take action to seize cryptocurrencies from 84 wallet addresses. These wallets could hold millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the officials suspected that these addresses belong to Hamas. The estimated accumulated amount held by the wallets is $7.7 million. Furthermore, the Bank of Thailand issued the latest warning to crypto holders against using digital currencies for payments, adding extra pressure on BTC/USD. The bank warned crypto holders who use their digital assets as a medium of exchange that if their practices become widespread, it might take strong measures to regulate the cryptos. On Thursday, the central bank of Thailand said that anyone who is involved in the business of digital assets for goods and services, as a recipient or sender, could face risks, including money laundering, theft, and price volatility. The bank also reiterated that Bitcoin and Ether, including other cryptocurrencies, were not legal tender in the country and warned of consequences from regulators.

As per JPMorgan Chase & Co, El Salvador's announcement of Bitcoin as an authorized tender could produce challenges for both the country and the cryptocurrency. Lately, the leading cryptocurrency's Bitcoin trading volumes surpass $40 billion to $50 billion per day, but most of that is internalized by significant exchanges.

In addition to this, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) declared an industry-wide alert about potential attacks on exchanges and crypto holders this week. The institution stated that there are warnings to actively pursuing virtual asset platforms to grasp these assets, producing financial losses in the process. Sim swapping, account stealing, and tech support personnel are the means to fulfil these attacks.

BTC/USD Intraday Technical Levels

Support Resistance

31978.2 33854.2

31082.6 34834.6

30102.2 35730.2

Pivot Point: 32958.6

BTC/USD - Technical Outlook

The leading cryptocurrency has bounced off the support level of 32,065 level to trade at 32,945. On the 4-hour chart above, Bitcoin has violated the symmetrical triangle pattern adding bearish pressure on the pair. The breakout of the 33,750 support level exposed bitcoin price towards the next support area of 32,065 level, and this double bottom support level pushed the pair back to the 32,934 mark. At the moment, Bitcoin's immediate resistance stays at 33,418 level that's being extended by 50 periods EMA level. Bullish crossover of 33,418 level exposes the BTC/USD price towards the resistance level of 34,999 level. All the best!


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