Daily Price Outlook 

- EUR/USD sees fractional gains, with the pivot point at $1.0903 serving as a decisive marker for future price direction.

- The MACD's cross above the signal line hints at a subdued but present bullish potential, warranting watchful trading.

- A tactical sell strategy could be invoked below the pivot point, eyeing a modest profit target with a closely set stop loss to curtail exposure.

The EUR/USD pair inched up modestly by 0.06%, situating itself at 1.09033, as market participants exhibit cautious optimism. The pair's struggle to define a clear directional bias is reflective of broader market sentiment, which remains divided amid contrasting economic signals.

A meticulous examination of the chart reveals a pivot point stationed at $1.0903, a level that is currently acting as a juncture for potential price swings. Immediate resistance levels are arrayed at $1.0963, $1.1028, and $1.1086, each serving as a potential challenge to upward movements. Conversely, support is entrenched at $1.0839, with further cushions at $1.0781 and $1.0714, safeguarding against downward pressures.

The RSI indicator presents a neutral stance at 53, suggesting an even tug of war between the bulls and bears. The MACD's positive value (0.000590) against its signal (-0.000490) intimates a growing bullish undercurrent, potentially priming the pair for an ascent.

The 50-day EMA, stationed at $1.0891, hovers just below the current price, which could act as a threshold for the pair's short-term trajectory. This moving average, in conjunction with the pivot point, may serve as a strategic fulcrum for the pair’s future path.

In summation, the current technical landscape paints a picture of cautious neutrality for EUR/USD. Traders may consider a sell position below the pivot point at 1.09031, targeting a take-profit level at 1.08562, while placing a stop loss at 1.09292 to manage risk.

EUR/USD Price Chart - Source: Tradingview
EUR/USD Price Chart - Source: Tradingview

EUR/USD - Trade Ideas

Entry Price – Sell Below 1.09031

Take Profit – 1.08562

Stop Loss – 1.09292

Risk to Reward – 1: 1.8

Profit & Loss Per Standard Lot = +$469/ -$261

Profit & Loss Per Mini Lot = +$46/ -$26



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